High Quality Alternative to Metal-Based Implants

oded ben shabat

TAV Dental is a professional, dynamic and innovative unit founded as a division of TAV Medical Ltd, a company with more than 40 years of experience in the medical field. TAV Dental manufactures a wide range of dental products including implants, abutments and tools, manufactured from variety of raw materials such as zirconia, titanium and plastics. The company is founded on advanced technology, which serves as a significant basis for all developments and production processes. In the area of dental implantology, the company especially focuses on developing and manufacturing zirconia dental products with a vision to redefine the quality of zirconia dental products and its performances. Oded Ben Shabat, CEO of TAV Medical, spoke about the company and its aims.

Mr. Ben Shabat, what makes your company a leading force in the area of metal-free implantology? TAV Medical has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing dental and medical products. Unlike most zirconia implants available in the market, we are manufacturing the implants in-house using ceramic injection technology and as such are able to maintain a standard of excellence in the quality of the implants.

What are the challenges that dentists who practice implantology are faced with today? As nowadays patients are more aesthetic and health conscious than ever, dentists should be ready to provide those patient’s needs. Titanium implants have been successfully used for decades, however, the world is rapidly developing and changing, so is the dental implant market. Dentists have to leave their comfort zone, learn about new technologies and techniques in order to bring patients the best and up-to-date solution available at the market.

What do you think, are ceramic implants a good alternative to titanium implants? The search for metal-free implants began more than 40 years ago, however, recent improvements in ceramic materials and manufacturing technologies have made zirconia implants viable alternative. Zirconia implants today have the same success rate as titanium implants. Various treatments are applicable with ceramic implants such as immediate placement, immediate temporisation, full-arch and full-mouth rehabilitation can be performed with excellent and predictable outcomes.

How does zirconia change the dental market and what are your future plans? Recently, we can feel the changes in market demand, as more and more dentists are looking for zirconia implant solutions as well as implant companies, normally selling titanium implants, that want to be able to offer a zirconia implant option as well. We are here to supply those needs. Furthermore, we see our role as making zirconia implants known to dentists by providing extensive education on the uses and benefits of zirconia implants so that they can be comfortable knowing that they are offering a high-quality alternative to metal-based implants.