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No challenge too great


TAV Dental focuses on developing, manufacturing and marketing zirconia dental implants with a vision to redefine the quality of zirconia dental products and its performances and to make this premium implants common world-wide.  There is an obvious trend to introduce into the market new dental implants from biocompatible materials such as zirconia. Zirconia implants, which may also be referred to as ceramic implants, seems to be the new implant material. The white color of zirconia ceramic implants, its biocompatibility and low affinity of plaque, along with its high mechanical properties and osseointegration, make it a material of choice. For clinicians ceramic implants is a valuable opportunity to expand their customer base, as new generation of patients, which demands metal free implants is increasing constantly. Ceramic implants are mostly provided today by holistic dentists and is part of health trend world-wide.


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