Change is Mandatory for Extraordinary Results

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It is true, titanium was the gold standard in oral implantology for many years, however time is changing and so our patient’s needs and demands. High esthetic standards and increasing incidence of titanium sensitivities, along with a rising demand for metal‐free reconstructions, have led to the search for an alternative material.

Zirconia implants were introduced into dental implantology as an alternative to titanium implants. Zirconia seems to be a suitable implant material because of its toothlike color resulting in high esthetic results, excellent mechanical properties, osseointegration and clinical advantages superior to titanium implants.

Peri-implantitis is obviously one of the long-term risks associated with titanium dental implants  leading to the loss of supporting bone and the implant. As zirconia reduces the formation of plaque and promotes a healthy soft tissue attachment, there has been rare evidence of any inflammatory reaction or irritation to the gingiva which consequently resulted in healthy gum and no long-term risk to the implants.

Additionally, recent studies findings have raised fears regarding titanium implants’ tendency to corrode and decay. During the corrosion process, titanium implants release particles or ions into their surrounding tissue, which could lead to implant failure and bone disintegration.

It is sometimes uncomfortable to try something new, however courage, innovation and openness are the properties we all need today to succeed and stay updated with the overwhelming technology approaching us.  Remember that “if you always do what you always did you will always get what you always got” Albert Einstein