Become a distributor

Become a distributor

Tav Dental is creating the network of global partners for distribution for innovative dental implants, prosthetics, tools and accessories. We are looking for distributors who could help us to enter new territories or expand in existing ones. Benefits for becoming Tav Dental  distributor:

  • Innovative dental systems –  Tav Dental is a division of Tav medical. A company with four decades of experience in manufacturing medical products. Distributing Tav Dental’s products means being  a part of company which is committed to lead the dental market into a new era of  innovative, high quality, esthetic, accurate and definitive dental products .
  • Marketing support.  We share our marketing strategy, social network strategy, successful marketing practices among the partners and provide the necessary marketing support from our dedicated team.

Requirements of becoming Tav Dental distributor:

  • Territory coverage. The potential distributor must plan to cover all target groups in some certain period: services, wholesale/ retail, end users.
  • Business plan. The potential distributor shall prepare business plan with the data on all the investments, possible sales channels and plans on sales. We provide business plan structure to help out with the planning.
  • Minimum purchase requirements. Based on the business plan data the minimum purchases are agreed together with the partner for every year.
  • Marketing support. Expenses for marketing or education programs in the distributor’s territories will be shared as will be agreed in special plan made by the parties.
  • 1 year pre-agreement. We first sign one year contract with the distributor, giving all the support and benefits as for an exclusive partnership. Shall the distributor achieve the agreed minimum purchase requirements for the first year, a 3-year exclusive contract is signed with a possibility to extend.

If you are interested in distributing Tav Dental in your territory, please call us at +97249808615 or

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